InsCorp is a training group of highly qualified professionals who trained and worked in areas like counter terrorism, diplomatic duties and witness protection. The training system they designed overcomes the deficiencies of the various professional areas with the tactics and techniques applied in other areas, introducing a completely unique training system.
“Nobody can be more clever than a team.”
The training group merges techniques of the following five specialized areas:

  1. Close protection (personal protection): develops an effectively safe defence system for the protected individual (VIP) according to the level of threat. The defence system includes full range protection of the VIP’s home, work place, travels and programs, including all related protocols.
  1. Combat shooting (tactical shooting): along the general tactics of arms management, this includes the special tactics of weapon usage that might be needed during close protection activities. In close protection, the usage of firearms is usually the final solution in an environment that has crowds of innocent individuals. For this reason the body guards have to possess an exceptional level of weaponry skills.
  1. CQB (Close Quarters Battle): the tactical concepts applied within structures and part of the basic training of special units worldwide. It teaches armed movement within buildings, the investigation and scouting of premises and the neutralization of possible perpetrators. Knowing these tactics is essential in some areas of close protection (i.e. securing the home or the location of an event).
  1. Close combat (hand-to-hand combat): this is required during the various levels of close protection of VIP’s. As the use of firearms is only the final solution, all other forms of attack need to be prevented by close combat. Close combat builds on the techniques of multiple eastern martial arts, but it also includes independent techniques that are not related to martial arts and that our instructors have used in their professional experience.
  1. Safety driving (driving vehicles safely): this is an integral part of securing the safe passage of VIP’s. It teaches about travelling and escaping as part of a convoy of multiple cars. The training of drivers involved in close protection is a completely different training (involving only driving technique skills) as it is an entirely different profession. But all close protectors need to know the basics of safety driving as attacks might happen during travelling as well.