The leader of the Training Group

Our team leader has 27 years of experience as a police officer and was already the head of the intervention sub-department in the early nineties. Following this he was an instructor of shooting and tactical dispatch. He refined his professional knowledge in the USA (Anti-Terrorist Urban Patrol Course, Alabama, 1992), the Netherlands (Drug Enforcement Instruction, 1992) and in Norway (Counter Terrorist Tactical Instruction, 2003). As a security officer he was responsible for the protection of the Dutch Embassy in Kabul in 2008. He is still an active member of the police force as a retired instructor. He oversees the professional training of InsCorp in the areas of close combat and shooting, and he also takes part in the team’s work as a trainer.

The trainer for tactical shooting

This trainer has 28 years of professional experience as a member of a special police squad. He has a degree as a trainer of shooting and tactical dispatch.

CP close combat trainer

Our CP close combat trainer has more than 35 years of experience in martial arts and 20 years of professional experience in tactical close combat and close protection.

Close protection trainer

This individual has 15 years of experience of close protection as a member of the police forces. He is trained in object protection, close protection and safety driving.

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